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  1. Weight Watchers Magazine - 12 Month Subscription
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SKU #IS-19541

Weight Watchers Magazine - 12 Month Subscription

SKU #IS-19541

Weight Watchers Magazine - 12 Month Subscription

Feel good about you with expert solutions for easier weight-loss plus all the tools you need to keep it off - including information, meal plans, recipes and inspiring success stories.
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Weight Watchers magazine and the SmartPoints program is all about falling in love with real food, enjoying getting active and discovering how good you can feel about yourself. Regardless of your age and stage, it's about empowerment, strength and self-determination - encouraging smarter choices for a healthier, positive lifestyle and long-term results. In each issue you will find: FRESH & TASTY It's about food: eating better, cooking better, understanding food better HEALTHY & HAPPY It's about mind and body wellness: staying healthy, finding balance FIT & STRONG It's about physical activity: moving more, exercising better, achieving goals BEAUTIFUL It's about celebrating you: feeling confident, seeing rewards, feeling supported PEOPLE It's about a community: being understood, being inspired, belonging

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A 12 month subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine has 12 issues. Please allow up to 5-8 weeks for your first delivery. If your first issue has not arrived within this time frame, please call 1800 331 794.

If buying the magazine subscription as a gift, at checkout please include your details in the billing section and the recipients' details in the shipping section. Only you as the buyer will be sent an order confirmation email so remember to let the lucky recipient know of the generous gift they will receive.