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SKU #1514990

The Phantom™ stamp pack

SKU #1514990

The Phantom™ stamp pack

The Phantom™ stamp pack comprises two 8 x $1 sheetlets with the tabs on the stamps feature classic images from The Phantom™ comic strip.
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The Phantom™ stamp pack comprises two 8 x $1 sheetlets showing the balloons stamp from the 2016 Love to Celebrate stamp issue. The tabs on the stamps feature classic images from The Phantom™ comic strip.

The ghost who walks…

2016 marks the 80th birthday of the original masked crusader comic, The Phantom™. In 1936, Lee Falk created The Phantom™ adventure series, inspired by his previous creation Mandrake the Magician. That same year, the Australian Women’s Mirror began publishing the comic strip and today it is Australia’s best-selling comic book.

The Phantom™ is a silent avenger whose identity has never been revealed from behind his iconic black mask and purple costume, except to his wife, Diana Palmer, and to his most faithful friends, who include the Bandar pygmy tribe. With his trusty white horse, Hero, and wild grey wolf, Devil, The Phantom™ seeks to instil fear in the heart of evil-doers. While he works alone, he also commands the military-style peacekeeping force, The Jungle Patrol.

Seemingly appearing and disappearing without a trace, the home of the The Phantom™ is the fearsome Skull Cave, located deep within the jungle and woods of Bangalla, a fictional part of Africa. The Phantom™ has no secret powers, instead relying on his wit, strength and fearful reputation to banish criminals.

While his real name is Kit Walker, the The Phantom™ is known as “the ghost who walks” and “the man who cannot die”, because he seems to have been around for generations. However, the modern The Phantom™ is actually the 21st in a line of descendants. Today his young son, Kit, is training to one day take the sacred Oath of the Skull and become the 22nd The Phantom™: “I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms, and my sons and their sons, shall follow me”.

As well as fortnightly comic books, The Phantom™ comic strip is distributed to more than 500 newspapers in around 40 countries and translated into 15 languages. The character has also been adapted for television, film and video games.