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  1. The A to Z Australia minisheet collection
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SKU #0314546

The A to Z Australia minisheet collection

SKU #0314546

The A to Z Australia minisheet collection

Featuring 12 minisheets exclusive to this pack. Only 250 produced.
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Key features:

  • 10 exclusive, digitally printed, minisheets with stamps produced in Series 1 and 2 – N, Q, S, V, W, A, C, L, R, T
  • 2 exclusive, numbered, digitally printed, minisheets featuring part one and part two stamps in a strip within the minisheet
  • All stamps are perforated
  • Display folder
  • Stamp value: $50.00

Part one of this stamp issue was released 1 March 2016 and part two released on 16 August 2016. These stamp issues are a part of a series featuring an old–fashioned Aussie alphabet of humorous scenes devised by artist Gavin Ryan. It begins with the letters representing five of our states. N is for… New South Wales, nipper, numbat… Q is for… Queensland, Quokka, queue, quoll… S is for… South Australia, shark, sandcastle, surf, starfish, sausage… V is for… Victoria, Victa, vegemite, vegetables, violin… W is for… Western Australia, wombat, wattle, waratah, water hose…