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  1. Prevention Magazine - 12 Month Subscription
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SKU #IS-31705

Prevention Magazine - 12 Month Subscription

SKU #IS-31705

Prevention Magazine - 12 Month Subscription

Both holistic and realistic, Prevention is packed with expert advice and information for smart, aware 40 year old women who want to look good and feel great inside and out.
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Prevention is Australia's new, groundbreaking, healthy-lifestyle magazine that promises to inspire you to live and love your whole life - with energy and confidence. From health, to nutrition, to fitness, Prevention is about smart ways to live well. In every issue of Prevention you'll find: Health - breakthroughs you can use Nutrition - how to eat smart and feel great Beauty - your ultimate guide to looking fab after 40 Fitness - how to make small changes, see big results Mind - the latest brain-boosting know-how Cook - how to bring nutrition deliciously to the table

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A 12 month subscription to Prevention Magazine has 6 issues. Please allow up to 7-10 weeks for your first delivery. If your first issue has not arrived within this time frame, please call 1800 331 794.

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