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  1. Pixar Christmas stamp pack
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SKU #15141059

Pixar Christmas stamp pack

SKU #15141059

Pixar Christmas stamp pack

The Pixar stamp pack comprises two sheetlets of 10 x 65c Christmas parcel stamps. There are 10 stamp-tabs in each sheetlet featuring images from your favourite Pixar movies.
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Celebrate the most magical time of year with your favourite characters from over 20 years of Pixar storytelling including Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Cars 3.

Toy Story, released in 1995, was the world’s first computer animated feature film. The fun-filled journey brings together two rival toys: Woody the lanky, likeable cowboy and Buzz Lightyear, the fearless space ranger. Woody and Buzz need to join forces when the toys are separated from their owner, Andy, and one of Pixar’s strongest friendships is formed.

Between 2001 and 2004 Pixar Animation Studios brought us Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. As the most successful scream-processing factory in the monster world, Monsters, Inc. is home to the best Scarer, James P Sullivan. But when “Sulley” accidentally lets a little human girl into Monstropolis, life turns upside down for him and his buddy Mike Wazowski.

Finding Nemo, the story of an adventurous young clownfish, Nemo, becoming separated from his father, Marlin, was an instant hit in Australia. Marlin and his friendly and forgetful friend, Dory, navigate their way through the Great Barrier Reef to find Nemo and bring him home.

The Incredibles tells the story of Mr & Mrs Incredible and their three children: Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack. It is a secret, superhuman family that tries to fit in to society with a “normal” life… until one day when they must be super-heroes once more to save the day.

In 2017, we celebrated Pixar’s latest release, Cars 3, where a new generation of blazing-fast racers push the legendary Lightning McQueen out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, McQueen will need the help of an eager young race technician with a winning plan.