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SKU #15141061

Peanuts Year of the Dog 2018 stamp pack

SKU #15141061

Peanuts Year of the Dog 2018 stamp pack

The Peanuts Year of the Dog 2018 stamp pack features 10 Year of the Dog 2018 stamps, as well as striking imagery featuring Snoopy in the stamp tabs.
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The original Peanuts comic strip was the creation of Charles M Schulz (1922-2000).

The Peanuts Gang is led by the loveable Charlie Brown and his quirky group of friends, including the very bossy Lucy, piano-playing virtuoso Schroeder, sports-loving Peppermint Patty and blanket-clutching Linus. And, of course, there's Charlie Brown's ever-confident dog, Snoopy.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. But according to Snoopy, it's the Year of the Beagle! Snoopy is a lively canine master of disguise, using his imagination to go on many exciting adventures as various characters. Those born under the Dog sign are known to be intelligent. And indeed, when Snoopy enters his imagination as the World Famous Author, he focuses all of his brain-power on trying to write the greatest-ever novel. Dogs are also courageous, which Snoopy displays when he's the World War I Flying Ace, performing aerial tricks and fighting off his nemesis, the Red Baron. Dogs are loyal creatures, and Snoopy loves Charlie Brown and his best friend Woodstock, whose bird language only Snoopy can understand. Most of all, those born under the Dog sign are friendly and possess a happy disposition. What makes Snoopy happy? Food! He never forgets when it's time to eat and usually concludes his meals with his signature "happy dance".

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