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  1. Minions Christmas stamp pack
Australia Post
SKU #15141011

Minions Christmas stamp pack

SKU #15141011

Minions Christmas stamp pack

The Minions Christmas stamp pack features a mix of celebratory and cheeky Christmas pictures of the loveable Minions, Stuart, Kevin and Phil along with the 2016 Christmas “Joy” stamp.
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Have the Minions been naughty or nice this year? Will they receive a gift from Santa? Featuring 20 Joy stamps (from the Christmas 2016 stamp issue), the pack includes some hilarious images of those cheeky little yellow Minions, as they set about spreading some Christmas joy.

The Minions Christmas Stamp pack comprises two 10 x 65c sheetlets showing the Christmas Joy/Parcel stamp from the Christmas 2016 stamp issue. The tabs on the stamps feature the Minions in festive guises.