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  1. Marie Claire Magazine - 12 Month Subscription
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SKU #IS-81

Marie Claire Magazine - 12 Month Subscription

SKU #IS-81

Marie Claire Magazine - 12 Month Subscription

The ultimate indulgence for today's intelligent, thinking woman who likes to be challenged and informed but also loves a healthy dose of glamour.
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Australia's biggest selling fashion magazine, marie claire, provides stimulating reading for today's intelligent, thinking woman. marie claire is thought provoking, challenging, involving and real. It is packed with fascinating articles covering global issues as well as the latest trends from the fashion capitals of the world. Subscribe and you won't miss an issue!

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A 12 month subscription to Marie Claire Magazine has 12 issues. Please allow up to 5-8 weeks for your first delivery. If your first issue has not arrived within this time frame, please call 1800 331 794.

If buying the magazine subscription as a gift, at checkout please include your details in the billing section and the recipients' details in the shipping section. Only you as the buyer will be sent an order confirmation email so remember to let the lucky recipient know of the generous gift they will receive.