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Load&Go Gift Card


Load&Go Gift Card

Need a gift card with a difference? Choose the Load&Go Gift Card and an amount you wish to load onto the card between $20 and $500 - for use online, by phone and in-store, wherever Visa is accepted!*
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$20 to $500
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The Load&Go Gift card can be loaded with any amount between $20 and $500, the perfect gift for loved ones and friends where you can decide how much is to be loaded onto the card!

Key Features
  • You choose the amount between $20 and $500
  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted - online, in-store and over the phone
  • Secure. Cards will be sent out inactive, and cannot be used until you activate them
* Excludes ATMs, over the counter at financial institutions and merchants who elect not to accept Visa Prepaid Cards. Merchants or other providers may impose limits on use of the Card. Conditions, limits and fees apply. The Load&Go Visa Prepaid Gift Card is issued by Heritage Bank Limited ABN 32 087 652 024 AFSL/ACL No. 240984. Read the full terms and conditions before purchase and first use.

From 31 March 2018 in NSW:
Most gift cards and vouchers sold are valid for a minimum of three years, even if they are pre-printed with a shorter expiry period.
Once gift cards and vouchers are purchased, administration fees that reduce the card balance are prohibited, however, transaction costs such as booking fees and foreign currency conversion fees can be applied.
Some gift cards and vouchers are exempt – further details at