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SKU #15141050

Justice League stamp pack

SKU #15141050

Justice League stamp pack

The Justice League stamp pack features 20 Map of Australia stamps, as well as striking imagery, including character portraits from Justice League comics in the stamp tabs.
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The Justice League first came together to defeat the alien menace Starro in the comic book pages of The Brave and the Bold #28, released in March 1960. In November of that year, the League earned its own comic title when it faced the telepathic tyrant, Despero, in Justice League of America #1.

At the time, the original seven members consisted of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. While the roster has changed over the years, the current team includes six of the original members, with Cyborg taking the place of Martian Manhunter.

Whenever there are dire situations that the combined might of the core seven can’t conquer, the Justice League enlists the assistance of reserve members of the most powerful Super Heroes in the DC Universe.

Despite the League members’ extraordinary abilities, the stress of their epic struggles and their very human flaws can lead to internal conflict that threatens to tear the team apart. However, it is that very same humanity that keeps the Justice League fighting for Earth in the face of unimaginable odds!

  • Superman, the most powerful hero on the planet
  • Batman, the pinnacle of physical and mental human achievement
  • Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess and League’s greatest warrior
  • Green Lantern, a fearless intergalactic cop armed with his power ring
  • The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive
  • Aquaman, the King of the Seven Seas
  • Cyborg, a half-man/half-machine outfitted with the world’s most advanced technology.

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