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SKU #0314571

Jewel Beetles concertina pack

SKU #0314571

Jewel Beetles concertina pack

The Jewel Beetles concertina pack includes two specially printed digital sheetlets featuring the Jewel Beetles stamps.
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Key features:

  • Limited to: 500
  • Two x special digitally printed sheetlets that visually detail the four–colour printing process used for the 2016 Jewel Beetles stamp issue.
    • Once the printer receives the digital artwork files, a printer’s proof is produced. The proof shows a separation of each of the four colours used in the CMYK printing process – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black (known as Key) – as well as the final intended four–colour result.
    • Once the proof is approved, the stamps are then prepared for print. An image is etched onto a metal printing plate for each colour using a laser. The printing plates attract ink in the image areas and repel ink where that colour is not required.
    • Each colour is laid onto the stamp paper individually. The final four-colour result is then glossed with a UV varnish.
  • First sheetlet in this collection includes the 2016 Jewel Beetle stamp designs as they appear at each stage of the colour separation process, as well as four imperforate stamps.
  • Second sheetlet shows the change in appearance the stamps undergo as each colour (and the varnish) is applied during printing, concluding with the final spectacular result – four perforated Jewel Beetle stamps.