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SKU #6828500

Ice Age stamp pack

SKU #6828500

Ice Age stamp pack

The Ice Age stamp pack comprises three sheetlets of 8 x $1 stamps with images featuring characters from the movie in the tabs.
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The movie world’s favourite herd of prehistoric mammals is back with their biggest adventure yet! Featuring Manny the brawny mammoth, Sid the happy-go-lucky sloth, Diego the tough-as-nails sabre-tooth tiger and Buck the swashbuckling weasel, Ice Age: Collision Course once again begins with a catastrophe created by Scrat, the acorn-obsessed sabre-tooth squirrel.

During the first four Ice Age instalments, these prehistoric friends navigated the many dangers of the Paleolithic ice age – rescuing a baby, stemming the tide of a massive flood and even fending off dinosaurs and pirates. This time around, Scrat has accidentally propelled himself into the cosmos. In a vain attempt to retrieve his beloved acorn and return home, Scrat accidentally re-aligns the planets, which alters the Ice Age world. But if that’s not enough, Scrat also manages to trigger an enormous asteroid on a collision course with Earth. This forces the herd to hatch a plan to divert it before it destroys their home. Along the way, the gang travels to exotic new lands and encounters a host of new characters, including spiritual leader Shangri Llama. One thing that hasn’t changed is Scrat’s ability to put himself in dangerous and humorous situations to defend his beloved acorn at any cost!

Some of the characters featured in the tabs include:

  • Manny, a woolly mammoth and the leader of The Herd
  • Sid, a ground sloth and the founder of The Herd
  • Diego, a saber tooth tiger
  • Ellie, a woolly mammoth and Manny's wife
  • Neil deBuck Weasel, a weasel astronomer who travels along with The Herd to stop the asteroid/meteor shower
  • Shangri Llama, a yoga-loving llama and the spiritual leader of Geotopia
  • Buck, a one-eyed weasel and a dinosaur hunter who reunites with The Herd after his home is destroyed by the Drift
  • Scrat, a saber tooth squirrel