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  1. Holden Workhorses stamp pack
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SKU #15141084

Holden Workhorses stamp pack

SKU #15141084

Holden Workhorses stamp pack

The beautifully presented Holden Workhorses stamp pack contains 48 Australian Map stamps along with fantastic historical and colour imagery, together with some iconic models in the stamp tabs.
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Holden “workhorses” are those vehicles that have been used in various important vocations and applications across Australia, from farming to the police force and even the postal service. This pack celebrates these transport revolutionaries, from the 1951 Holden Utility to the latest VF11 Commodore, and the role they have played in helping the nation. As well as 48 Map of Australia stamps from the Love the Celebrate stamp issue, the pack contains fantastic historical and colour imagery, together with some iconic models in the stamp tabs.

Since the first Holden rolled off the production line in 1948, rugged and reliable “workhorses” from Holden’s stable of iconic vehicles have been used on the land and by various services to contribute to the safety, health and wealth of our nation.

Holdens have embodied our country’s strong work ethic – operating in our agricultural centres, transporting our nation’s building blocks, growing businesses and communities as well as serving our various government agencies.

The 48-215 utility van was popular with farmers from its release but its use was not restricted to our agriculture industry. FX utes, identified by the code 50-2106, were also delivered to government departments and painted in colours not available to the public. For the Australian Army, it was Khaki Green, in 1952, and Deep Bronze Green, in 1953.

Purpose-built vehicles – adapted from Holden road cars – have been employed in many and varied vocations, from FE station wagons used by our Ambulance services to WB Kingswoods used by our roadside assistance providers.

From FJ panel vans used by our postal service to the latest VF11 Commodores used by our police forces, Holdens have been kitted out with the necessary equipment to perform their functions. Holden vehicles have symbolised the tenacity, ruggedness and grit of millions of hard-working men and women. These vehicles have made a significant contribution to moulding our nation’s landscape, revolutionising how we transport everything from bales of hay to injured citizens.