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  1. Fireman Sam stamp pack
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SKU #6862500

Fireman Sam stamp pack

SKU #6862500

Fireman Sam stamp pack

Containing 20 Balloon stamps, this colourful pack also features action shots of much-loved characters in the stamp tabs, including Penny Morris, Elvis Cridlington and Station Officer Steele.
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The Fireman Sam stamp pack comprises of two sheetlets of 10 x $1 stamps featuring the Balloons from the 2016 Love to Celebrate stamp issue. There are 10 stamp-tabs in each sheetlet featuring images from the popular kids show.

What would the accident-prone villagers of Pontypandy do without Fireman Sam? With his trusty fire engine, Jupiter, Sam bravely fights fires with the help of hard-working Penny Morris, apprentice Elvis Cridlington and Station Officer Steele – the chatty senior fire officer at Pontypandy Fire Service.

But it’s not just during fire emergencies that Fireman Sam comes to the rescue. Sam can be relied upon to calmly help out with all kinds of safety incidents in the town, from sea-borne or cliff-top disasters to barbecue fiascos. Sam mans the lifeboat and assists the mountain rescue and medical emergency teams. Sam is always there to help, whether coming to the aid of well-meaning Moose Roberts, the local campsite and adventure centre director, or preventing mischievous three-year-old Lily Chen from wandering into danger!

In 2017 it will be 30 years since the initial broadcast of this popular animated children’s television series, set in a fictitious rural village in Wales. The original idea for the program came from two ex-firemen from Kent, Dave Gingell and David Jones. While the first series of Fireman Sam was broadcast in Welsh and English, the program is now translated into more than 25 languages and shown in more than 40 countries, helping Fireman Sam to spread his message of safety all around the world.

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