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  1. Down on the Farm stamp pack
Australia Post
SKU #15141066

Down on the Farm stamp pack

SKU #15141066

Down on the Farm stamp pack

The Down on the Farm stamp pack features 10 Flowering Gum stamps, as well as some very cute and cuddly animals in the stamp tabs.
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Put on your hat and gumboots and come down to the farm for some country-fresh air. The sheep are nearly ready to be shorn, and the dog is making sure they don’t get up to any mischief in the meantime. The pigs are ready to be fed, and if you give the horse a carrot to munch, she’ll probably let you go for a ride. Be careful of the goat though; he will eat anything, including your clothes! You might want to check whether the hens have laid some farm-fresh eggs. The duck, goose and turkey are making a lot of noise, but not as much as the hee-hawing donkey.

The country farm is an iconic part of the Australian landscape. While for many, the farm is both home and livelihood rolled into one, for those who live in cities, suburbs and along the coast, the farm represents clean air, wide open spaces, fresh produce, country baking and … some very cute and cuddly animals.

Pack design: John White, Australia Post Design Studio
Stamp design: Sierra Delta
Pack images: