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  1. Domestic letter with tracking Small (DL max) prepaid envelope
Australia Post
SKU #0590326M

Domestic letter with tracking Small (DL max) prepaid envelope

SKU #0590326M

Domestic letter with tracking Small (DL max) prepaid envelope

$21.40($21.40 per pack)
The envelope includes delivery and tracking, making it an economical way to send and track your items.
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From 20 August 2018 to 31 January 2019, and while stocks last, Australia Post will be trialling a new domestic letter service, “Domestic letter with tracking”.

This new trial service includes delivery and tracking, making it an economical way to send and track your items.

Domestic letter with tracking leverages Registered Post’s tracking capability. The new trial service provides the same tracking experience as articles sent by Registered Post, with the key difference being a scan on delivery rather than a signature on delivery.

Buy online now or pick them up at selected Post Offices.

  • Dimensions: 130mm x 240mm
  • Weight: up to 125g
  • Thickness: up to 5mm
  • Suitable for sending: Letters, small non-fragile items, machinable or flat
  • Tracking included
  • 100% Recyclable

Delivery within Australia

A Domestic letter with tracking prepaid envelope is carried under the Australia Post General Terms and Conditions and is subject to the Domestic letter with tracking Trial Terms and Conditions.

The envelope will be delivered to the regular delivery timetable (for letters), unless the customer has purchased and affixed a priority label on the prepaid envelope, in which case, the envelope will be delivered to the priority delivery timetable (for letters).


The envelope provides tracking scans as they progress through the Australia Post network. Each envelope has a unique identification number.

The number of tracking scans will vary depending on how (and where) the article is lodged, processed and delivered. For example:

- A scan on lodgement, if lodged over the counter at any Post Office with electronic point of sale (EPOS);
- A scan at a processing facility, if processed by automated mail processing equipment; and
- A scan on delivery, where a tracking scan can be captured.

Senders and recipients can track their articles online here or by downloading the Australia Post app.

Customers lodging a prepaid envelope over the counter, must complete the Lodgement Recipient tab on the envelope. Staff at the Post Office will capture a lodgement scan. Note: A lodgement scan cannot be completed via a Self Service Terminal (SST).


Compensation for loss or damage to the article of up to $100 (conditions apply) is included, in addition to postage and tracking charges incurred.

Extra compensation cover for an article valued in excess of $100, up to $300, is available under the Extra Cover Service, provided by Australia Post.

Additional information

Customers can find out more information or view the terms and conditions by:

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No change of mind returns are available for products. For our full terms and conditions including returns please refer to our terms and conditions at: If you need assistance with a product or to understand our terms and conditions please contact the Australia Post Call Centre on 13 13 18.