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SKU #15141038

Dirty Dancing stamp pack

SKU #15141038

Dirty Dancing stamp pack

The Dirty Dancing licensed stamp pack features 20 $1, plus action photographs and quotes from the movie in the stamp tabs.
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Celebrate the time of your life, with our Dirty Dancing licensed stamp pack. The movie Dirty Dancing® was released 30 years ago. So now is the perfect time to relive the romance, music and dance moves of this box office hit, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Who could forget heart-stopping moments like the movie’s final dance number, which includes one of the most memorable on-screen dance lifts of all time.

When wealthy young New Yorker Frances “Baby” Houseman arrives at Kellerman’s, a sleepy resort in the Catskill Mountains, she predicts it will be an incredibly boring holiday with her family. That soon changes, when the resort’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle needs a new dance partner to star in the last big dance performance of the summer. As Johnny teaches Baby to dance, taking her from “spaghetti arms” to dancing queen, they begin to fall in love.

While Baby’s father is determined to prevent the romance from blossoming, Johnny declares that “nobody puts Baby in a corner”! And the rest, as they say, is classic 80s movie history. Who could forget the heart-stopping dance finale? To the award-winning ballad “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life”, Baby leaps high into the air and into Johnny’s arms, in one of the most memorable on-screen dance lifts of all time.

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