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SKU #1910220

Dirk Hartog's Landing 400 Years maxicard

SKU #1910220

Dirk Hartog's Landing 400 Years maxicard

This is the single maxicard from the Dirk Hartog's Landing 400 Years stamp issue.
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This is the single maxicard from the Dirk Hartog's Landing 400 Years stamp issue. A maxicard is a *prepaid postcard with a stamp affixed and postmarked on the view side. The subject matter of a maxicard is common to the card, stamp and postmark.

A *prepaid postcards can be posted from any red post box located in Australia or at your local Post Office and can be sent worldwide or to domestic locations.

A foundation myth of Australia is that Captain James Cook “discovered” the continent in 1770 when he landed at Botany Bay. However, numerous explorers, including several Dutch seamen from the Dutch East India Company (VOC), had already made landfall on the great southern continent. These included Willem Janszoon, who arrived on the western shore of Cape York in 1606 and the western Australian coast in 1618. In 1623, another VOC expedition under Jan Carstensz landed in northern Australia, and in 1642 Abel Tasman made landfall in Tasmania.

On 25 October 1616, captain Dirk Hartog of the Dutch East India ship Eendracht made landfall at an island off the coast of Shark Bay, Western Australia. Hartog’s ship had lost its way after setting out from Holland for Batavia in the Dutch East Indies. This unintentional landing made the Eendracht the second recorded European ship to visit the Australian continent and the first to arrive on the western coast. Two days later, before leaving what is now called Dirk Hartog Island, Hartog left a pewter dish inscribed with an account of his visit fixed to a wooden post at a location now called Cape Inscription. The Eendracht then sailed north-east, charting the Western Australian coastline, before eventually arriving in Batavia on 14 December 1616.

The painting of the Eendracht on the stamp is by Western Australian Adriaan de Jong and is based on early 17th-century Dutch paintings and documents.

Technical details

  • Issue date: 13 September 2016
  • Issue withdrawal date: 31 March 2017
  • FDI withdrawal date: 11 October 2016
  • Denominations: 1 x $2
  • Stamp illustration: Sharon Rodziewicz
  • Product design: Sharon Rodziewicz
  • Printer (gummed): McKellar Renown
  • Paper (gummed): Tullis Russell Red Phosphor
  • Printing process: Offset lithography
  • Stamp size: 26mm x 37.5mm
  • Sheetlet size: 200mm x 150mm
  • Perforations: 13.86x14.6
  • Sheet layout: Sheetlet of 10
  • FDI postmark: Denham WA 6537

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