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SKU #1514962

Bugs Bunny medallion cover

SKU #1514962

Bugs Bunny medallion cover

Australia Post is celebrating the world-famous cartoon character Bugs Bunny with the release of a medallion cover. This limited release medallion cover would make the perfect gift
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The medallion cover features a 70c stamp depicting a balloons and streamers design from our Special Occasions range. The medallion features an image of Bugs Bunny from the ever-popular Warner Bros. Looney Tunes.

Bugs Bunny is possibly the most famous cartoon character in the world. An American and worldwide cultural icon, he even has an Oscar and a star on Hollywood Blvd! This “wascally wabbit” is clever, imperturbable and playful, and he manages to outsmart all his foes and co-stars, including Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck. His catchphrase of “What’s up, Doc?” usually delivered while chomping nonchalantly on a carrot, is recognised all over the globe.

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