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SKU #PSTAMP-0593030

Banksia Coccinea

Banksia Coccinea product photo

SKU #PSTAMP-0593030

Banksia Coccinea

Upload your own photo to this Banksia Coccinea stamp sheet. People will love the personal touch to your invites or letters.
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Upload your own photo to this Banksia Coccinea stamp sheet. People will love the personal touch to your invites or letters.

Personalised Stamps™ are a wonderful way to give that special touch to birthday and wedding invitations, newborn baby announcements and other important moments.

  • File size: Maximum of 2MB
  • Image size: Ideal image ratio of 2:3 is recommended
  • Exposure: Photos that are too dark or too light are unsuitable. In some cases you can lighten or darken images yourself before uploading them if you have photo editing software.
  • Orientation: Photos can be horizontal or landscape. Use the zoom function when you upload your photo to zoom and pan your image within the tabbed area.
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Sheet of 20 stamps (per design) Price per sheet Total
1 sheet$33.00$33.00
2 sheets$30.50$61.00
3 sheets$29.33$87.99
4 sheets$28.75$115.00
5 sheets$28.40$142.00
6 sheets$27.00 per sheet