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  1. Australian Territories Stamps Multisheet set
Australia Post
SKU #0315550

Australian Territories Stamps Multisheet set

SKU #0315550

Australian Territories Stamps Multisheet set

The Australian Territories Stamps Multisheet set contains all the 2017 Territories gummed stamps in individually numbered minisheets of the portrait and landscape stamp designs.
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Key features:

  • Quantity produced to: 200
  • Features all the stamps from the commemorative portrait, commemorative landscape and square stamps from the territories releases 2017
  • Hand numbered
  • Includes:
    - 1 x Commemorative Portrait sheet – No. stamps: 23 Value stamps: $20.65
    - 1 x Commemorative Landscape sheet – No. stamps: 12 Value stamps: $16.00
  • Total value of stamps: $36.65

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