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  1. 50th Anniversary 2oz silver antiqued 2018 coin
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SKU #17121024

50th Anniversary 2oz silver antiqued 2018 coin

SKU #17121024

50th Anniversary 2oz silver antiqued 2018 coin

This highly collectible 2oz 99.99% silver Planet of the Apes antiqued coin is officially licensed with a maximum mintage of just 2,000 worldwide.
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Released in 1968, Planet of the Apes is a ground-breaking movie which, in the tradition of great science fiction, reflects conflicts and questions in our own society.

The film tells the story of an astronaut crew which crash-lands on a dystopian planet in the year 3978, about two millennia after their departure on a near light-speed voyage. In a desolate landscape, the surviving crew members, led by Taylor (played by the late Hollywood star Charlton Heston), discover a society in which apes are the dominant species with human-like intelligence and speech. Organised in a strict caste system, the apes treat humans like vermin who are hunted to be killed, enslaved or used for experiments.

A critical and commercial success, the film won an Oscar for outstanding makeup.

Planet of the Apes TM and © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Coin details
The coin’s reverse features Dr Zira in the foreground, Dr Zaius mid-ground and a hunt leader in the background. The design also includes a depiction of the desert-like Ape City. The coin has been individually ‘antiqued’ to give it a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact. As a result of this treatment the appearance of each coin may vary.

Each coin is presented in a clear acrylic case, allowing both sides of the coin to be displayed, and is packaged within a themed shipper. The coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Mint: The Perth Mint
  • Issue date: 6 March 2018
  • Metal: 99.99% silver
  • Finish: Antiqued
  • Denominations: (TVD) $2
  • Mintage: 2,000
  • Minimum weight: 62.213g
  • Maximum diameter: 40.6mm
  • Maximum thickness: 4.58mm
  • Designer: Ing Ing Jong