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SKU #1711530

2017 Baby proof six coin year set

SKU #1711530

2017 Baby proof six coin year set

An adorable, befitting and coveted gift, this year’s proof set continues with the alphabet theme, familiar yet timeless, a gift that will be cherished for years to come.
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Coins have long been a traditional gift for key moments in someone’s life. As objects which are used and prized in so many different ways, they have inherent nostalgic value for many people. For this reason, specially-packaged coins produced and marked in a significant year are a lasting memento of life’s special highlights. For parents and children alike, the year of a child’s birth is perhaps the most meaningful date of all, making baby sets a perennially popular gift item.

The Royal Australian Mint’s annual baby sets have historically been housed in packaging reflecting themes from a wide range of treasured childhood memories. Continuing on from 2016, the theme will be the alphabet, as our ‘ABCs’ form one of the first and most fundamental lessons that a young child learns.

Coin details
Features all six Australian circulating coin designs and includes a family tree and a place to capture important birth details.

Packaging features an alphabet rhyme which embraces many treasured aspects of childhood.

  • Mint: Royal Australian Mint
  • Issue date: 5 December 2016
  • Mintage: Unlimited
  • Designer: Stuart Devlin, Horst Hahne
Denomination 5c 10c 20c 50c $1 $2
Metal Cu Ni Cu Ni Cu Ni Cu Ni Al/Br Al/Br
Mass (g) 2.83 5.65 11.30 15.55 9.00 6.60
Diameter (mm) 19.41 23.60 28.52 31.51 25.00 20.50
Finish Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof