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SKU #1711535

2017 $1 fine silver proof coin

SKU #1711535

2017 $1 fine silver proof coin

This stunning proof coin celebrates the cycle of nature, the life of a kangaroo, the bond between mother and child.
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Throughout time, the kangaroo has been a celebrated Australian icon. A staple of artwork, photography, poetry and folklore, the uniquely-Australian marsupial has captured the imaginations of both local Australians and international visitors. Whether it gracefully bounds across the plain or potters about in nature with a joey in its pouch, the animal is almost synonymous with its native land.

Kangaroos have also been a staple of Australian coin designs, featuring on the penny from 1937 until the introduction of decimal currency, and on the one dollar coin since its introduction in 1984. Since 1993, the Royal Australian Mint has produced annual releases in the beloved Kangaroo Series, celebrating many different aspects of their place in our nation’s conscience. The Seasons Change theme was launched in 2016 with four annual coins to be released showing a joey’s growth and development throughout the four seasons of the year.

Coin details
Coin’s reverse pictures a mother kangaroo and her joey grazing at springtime growth.

Packaged on a case and outer box.

  • Mint: Royal Australian Mint
  • Issue date: 1 January 2017
  • Metal: 99.99% silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Denominations: $1
  • Mintage: 5,000
  • Minimum weight: 1oz
  • Maximum diameter: 40mm
  • Designer: S. Stojanovic